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Justin Bieber Pelted With Eggs In Promo For Comedy Central Roast Because He Needs More Attention

There are not enough eggs in the world...

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As you may or may not know, Comedy Central recently announced that their latest target for a roast will be Justin Bieber. Whether or not this is an effort to fail upward or if this is a clever social experiment in comedy that will end up punking all of us, the roast is going to be a gigantic hit.

Having a Bieber roast is redundant because anything he does is subject to ridicule. Every single joke and insult has been said about the pop prince turned entitled bad boy turned apologetic tabloid fixture.

Perhaps that's the challenge: to untap a spring of Bieber burns that has been left undiscovered. Whether it is a predictable disaster or as funny as Kate McKinnon's impression of Bieber, it will be an interesting watch.

Nonetheless, check out the promo to the roast that hit the interwebs a couple of days ago. Set to the majestic thrill of "Carmina Burana," it shows a shirtless (ugh), tatted (ugh) strategically unkempt (ugh) Bieber getting pelted by eggs. Considering he is voluntarily getting hit, it's wildly unsatisfying.

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