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To Whom It May Concern: Job Hunting Is Truly Disheartening. Sincerely, A Millennial

I’m 22 years old. I graduated over a year ago now. And job hunting sucks.

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Times are hard...hard Indeed...

I saw a job listing on Indeed about half a month ago for a position I was not only qualified for, but genuinely interested in. So naturally I applied for it right away, and with an honest effort at that. For the past 19 days I have been logging onto Indeed once a day to check said position. And for the past 19 days it has read “Applied 19 days ago,” not “Application viewed 16 days ago.”

Well, what gives!? I’m not saying I should be handed employment on a silver platter but why is the post even up if the company’s Human Resources person isn’t even checking? I’m confident in my ability for this particular opening, yes, but damn at least give me a chance by looking at what I have to offer.

It almost feels like I’m shopping for a job on Craigslist.

Whenever I use Craigslist, I tend to forget I even listed something. Then I’ll check my email a few days later and discover I was flooded with inquiries about the spare Mets ticket I was trying to get off my hands which I actually wound up using. I apologize to those Mets fans that I ignored; the listing is down now and I hope you went to the game because we made a serious comeback.

Dear companies, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and all the other employment listing websites are not your Craigslist for filling open spots in your company. You can’t just throw up a post because a spot opened up and then forget about it...people been applying since day one, and still are until the listing is taken down! Please view those applications!

This is just a glimpse into what it’s like for millennials (ugh, that word) like me trying to chase their dreams. Actually, it’s not just us millennials - it’s everyone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that things are looking up but man it does NOT feel that way and I know if you’re reading this it’s too late relatable.

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