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11 (Simple) Ways Pokemon GO Could Improve

C'mon Niantic, it's so obvious!

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1. Give us back Articuno

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Why are we only given one week to catch each legendary bird? It took my friend and I a couple of hours of searching and waiting for enough people (in New York) to even take on Articuno. And my poor buddy didn't even catch him!

(I did though, hehe...)

2. Let us "check in" to raids

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It'd be much easier for trainers to see how many people were participating in a raid before making their way over to one. How difficult would it be to implement a minor text fix of displaying a number above each raid?

3. Bless us with an in-game chat

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They'll never do this because many children play and that would require raising the age rating...but this would make raiding, gym takeovers and hunting down rare Pokemon easier.

Plus chatting is fun! Although you just know many trainers out there would use it inappropriately.

4. Allow us to recall our Pokemon from gyms

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While browsing the Net I stumbled upon a trainer who shared a screenshot of how long his Shuckle was defending a gym: 10 days so far. I guess nobody wants to f***kle with the Shuckle?

But seriously, why can't we recall our poor defenders after they racked up enough coins? Or if we just want our beloved 'Mon back!?

5. Grant us the 100 coin limit again

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For a brief period of time, we were allowed to collect a maximum of 100 PokeCoins from our faithful defenders over at the gyms. Now it's 50.

Niantic, either let us recall our Pokemon or double the limit! We want both obviously but this is just cruel!

6. Prevent us from getting multiple evolution items

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For completing the week-long streak of spinning a PokeStop each day, you're guaranteed an item needed to evolve certain Pokemon.

I have now accumulated 4 Metal Coats.

I sure wish they reduced the chances of getting an evolution item after you've already acquired one.

7. Permit us to transfer our eggs

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Am I the only one who has eight unhatched 2km eggs? We can only carry nine and I always pray the next egg I get is 5km or higher, but I can't keep this up forever!

8. Provide us with an auto-transfer tool

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I don't want Potions. I don't want Pidgeys.

I'm not saying we shouldn't be allowed to disable getting items/Pokemon we don't want, but what about a setting where we can automatically trash items we don't want they we picked up? The same for transferring Pokemon if we just want to catch them for the candies or EXP.

9. Stop us from regretting our team choice

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I don't know about you but I never expected the team I chose to matter that much. My friends and I each chose a different team for a little friendly competition but now we raid together (which is an awesome feature by the way) and my Mystic friend always gets more Premium Balls. What gives!?

I (Valor) feel even worse for my Instinct friend.

10. Tell us a story, a real story

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We have these great team leaders with their own unique look and personality, yet we know nothing about them or why they're with us!?

I believe implementing a story of sorts using them would make the game a lot more interesting. And let's not forget about Professor Willow, wherever he is.

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