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O Let's Do It, America.

A closer look at Waka Flocka's Presidential Campaign.

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I'm dead ass running for president in 2016.

Waka Flocka Flame. U.S. President.

It may be as far fetched an idea as any, but it is one you may have to seriously consider now that Mr. Flame has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2016 election. On April 20th Waka announced his candidacy to Rolling Stone, keeping a promise he made in a 2012 tweet.

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Many may have brushed his announcement off as a gag or stunt, but I propose we take a sincere look at what a Waka campaign for the Oval Office may look like.

Oh, let us do it.

A brief introduction to the Flame

For the uninitiated, Waka Flocka Flame burst onto the American rap scene out of Atlanta circa 2009. Born Juaquin Malphurs, he adopted the name Waka from the catchphrase of popular Muppet, Fozzie Bear. Known for trap rap and club bangers such as "O Let's Do It" and "No Hands", Waka became one of the newest darlings of rap in recent years.

Candidate Flocka Flame

So where do we stand with Waka as a possible President of the United States of America?


At first glance, Mr. Flame has a serious hurdle in regards to matching the law's requirements to be President. At 28 years of Age the Brick Squad Candidate falls short of the minimum 35 years old required. However this may not be the death of the campaign is seems to be, other candidates have skirted the rules before. Ted Cruz was born outside of the United States, and President Obama was totally born in Kenya or something right? Right.

The Issues

Waka may not seem like the most socially conscious person on the surface but a deeper examination proves otherwise. Over the last few years Waka has displayed the ability to take a stance on issues and stand by them proudly. A Staunch advocate against animal cruelty, Flocka Flame posed nude for PETA years ago.

Even more recently Waka cancelled shows at the University of Oklahoma when a fraternity organization on campus' video featuring racist chants went viral. He appeared on cable news shows to speak out against institutional racism in today's America following the controversy.

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Waka's CNN appearance, combating racism

While he hasn't come out with a stance on Gun Control, his past troubles with the law over gun possession may indicate he would advocate for looser gun laws if elected president. A pleasureable prospect for the NRA crowd.

In his campaign announcement video he outlined some of his political ideals and plans. The legalization of marijuana would be a centerpiece of his administration. With more than 50% of Americans now in support of legalization there couldn't be a better candidate to represent their cause.

His positions on jobs are also favorable to the middle class as he fully supports raising the minimum wage. He also puts his money where his stash is as a job creator. Offering a high profile high paying position for a personal blunt roller. Few other candidates can brag about that.

Maybe Rand Paul, I haven't seen his tax filings yet.

As with any candidate Waka has some weak points. His stance on women's rights leaves much to be desired, he states "I feel like women have all the rights already." Good luck going up against Hillary with that position.

In his video he exclaimed, "Fuck congress, I am congress, I'm the president". While candid, it could be an indication Waka is tired of the Washington gridlock that has plagued the country in the last 8 years and might utilize veto power and executive order more than his predecessors.

Strength as a Candidate

At the time of his entrance into the field, Flocka Flame also announced DJ Whoo Kid as his running mate. Although a stellar DJ his Vice Presidential credentials are lacking and would severely weaken the ticket. We'll see if Waka sticks by this choice or if Flame/Kid2016 bumper stickers will remain prominent come election time.

Of course Waka Flocka Flame's past, lyrics, and lifestyle will come into question during the campaign. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Waka has spoken on detractors to his person stating, "I can't help where I come from. I'm not going to shadow it, I'm not going to deny it- I'm going to applaud it. But it's not how I start it's how I finish." A refreshing take in a world where everyone's stories and histories are airbrushed and coiffed to perfection.

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Round of Applause by Presidential Candidate Waka Flocka Flame

Running for President or any other office these days is all about money and if one thing about Waka is certain it is his ability to raise funds. Whether through record sales, touring, or his Brick Squad Monopoly Super PAC.

Another plus in a Waka campaign is is lack of affiliation with the 2 major parties. The Brick Squad candidate is free of any of the negative association attributed to the Democrats and Republicans. The gridlock, the squabbles, the corporate interests, Flame is free from all of that.

In Relation to the Current Candidates

Waka has a long road ahead of him to become President.

He may not have the foreign policy knowledge of Hillary Clinton, the senate experience of Bernie Sanders, the Washington know how of Ted Cruz, or the family history of Jeb Bush.

But none of them wrote Hard in the Paint, hung out with Gucci Mane or talked into a money phone.

And isn't that what America needs?

I'm not saying Waka Flocka Flame is the perfect candidate, I'm just saying let's give him a chance.

We F*cked America, it's time to re up.


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