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  • Cumbieros Vs Floggers (Emos)

    There’s an ongoing fight between “Cumbieros” and “Floggers” (emos) in Argentina. And you thought Pete Wentz had it tough.

  • Rihanna’s Tattoos

    Today marks the singer’s 21 birthday and we wonder whether she’ll eventually celebrate it by getting new ink work done. Rihanna is a huge tattoo fan and has amassed a collection of at least 8 designs so far. Take a peek…

  • Woman Uses Vibrator As Baby Toy

    The “O Baby B is for Bear CREAM Vibrating Baby Bouncer” — a gently vibrating lounger for lazy babies — not only has an unnecessarily long name, it is also, apparently, unnecessarily expensive. Luckily, one new mother in Britain came up with an innovative and inexpensive way to recreate the bouncing baby chair for her little womb troll. She went ahead and shared her tips on Amazon UK.

  • Soccer Player Cristiano Ronaldo Is Dating Alyona Haynes - A Married Model Who Runs A Dating Site For Rich Brits And Russian Women

    Cristiano Ronaldo is apparently completely over his ex, Nereida Gallardo, and her fine eyebrows and is now dating 25-year-old Ukrainian model Alyona Haynes, despite the fact that she is not yet divorced from her English millionaire husband. Alyona happens to be the face of “Lilia Love,” a dating site aimed at pairing wealthy Brits with Russian (or, we suppose, Ukrainian) women.

  • Guanabee Presents: 5 Most Epic Quinces Fails

    Ah, the Quinces party. A pivotal time for any young Latina who finds herself reminded by leering uncles that she’s on the cusp of womanhood. They can be a lot of fun but they are also a time of stress and worry. Your hair could look stupid, no one might show up, your dress might catch on fire… Think it can’t happen? Think again. Check out Guanabee’s 5 Most Epic Quinces Fails.

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