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True Colours - ROBLOX

A lot of you out there on ROBLOX may have known about a group called True Colours. True Colours is a group that spotlights on the orientation/sexuality of people, and anybody is welcome to join. When you go along with, you will need to go to the LGBT Island to get your rankup. There is likewise a discord server, where you can meet and chat with individuals from the LGBT group. Presently, you might ask, why am I discussing this? Well, that is genuinely easy to reply, on the grounds that evidently I'm not welcome in the group as indicated by staff individuals. Staff don't want me joining the Island in light of a couple rules I "evidently" broken. I wasn't cautioned once specifically about my conduct yet was just kicked out as though the people were instructing me to get lost. Additionally, I was never told to what extent I got banned for, so I didn't know. Obviously, my ban time is changeless as indicated by PlasticPeachey. No, he has no clue, he doesn't know how moderation works. I was concerned with respect to my ban on 23/09/2016 so I chose to speak to this person. The reply I got later was awful, and was truly short. Presently, from moderators particularly, I would of expected a superior more important reply. I am frustrated in True Colours. The staff individuals there are destroying the group, and do only circled the diversion, utilizing tools to speed themselves up around the map. Non of them consider their employments important. If you ever consider going along with this group, I profoundly suggest that you don't or you may fall into the same trap I did.

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