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    Top 5 Young Influencers of India representing the country Internationally

    List of Top 5 Young Influencers of India representing the country Internationally

    Young India is growing tremendously in all fields. Be it technology, fashion, beauty, stand-up comedy, motivational talking or anything else for that matter. You can see a lot of young Indians in all these fields making a mark and carving a niche for themselves, leaving viewers all around the world captivated.

    Showcasing their skills and talent on various platforms offline and online, these young Influencers are representing India internationally through their creative and offbeat talent. So, it’s time to see India running the show.

    India, being a highly populated country has a lot of hidden talents which rarely gets a chance to grow. But these individuals have worked their way hard enough and have taken that extra effort to give India a better image across the globe. Also, exposure to various global events and summits has given rise to a whole new generation of influencers in India.

    Moving ahead, let’s take a look at the top 5 young influencers of India, who are representing their country at an international level.

    Top 5 young Influencers representing India Internationally

    1. Shahnawaz Karim

    Shahnawaz Karim is the founder of one of the best automotive websites— Wheels Guru.

    The website is a comprehensive plethora of all kinds of two-wheeler and four-wheeler launches, upcoming events, updates, comparisons and more. A perfect platform for all automobile lovers to connect and exchange views.

    Shahnawaz Karim apart from working with large companies and various start-ups, is an ardent biker, experiencing the rush of adventure. He is one of the Top 3 Fastest Riders under the category of 600cc in India.

    A perfect example of a successful Influencer representing India.

    2. Sandeep Maheshwari

    A motivational speaker, and a name among those who struggled, failed and struggled again in search of success and happiness. Sandeep Maheshwari has inspired hundreds of people through his motivational talks and videos.

    He can instantly lift up anyone’s mood and answer some of life’s most difficult questions with ease.

    Sandeep Maheshwari is also a famous entrepreneur of India, the founder of Imagesbazaar, which is the largest collection of images from India. He is popularly known for his ‘Free Motivational Life Changing Seminars’, where he inspires the minds of the youth.

    His undying learning attitude makes him a perfect example of a true Influencer.

    3. Kaushal Beauty

    This makeup guru has a total reach of around 3 million viewers on YouTube and over 7 lakh followers on Instagram from across the US, UK, and India. But before she became the glamorous diva that she is today, Kaushal was a regular university student, who started a blog just to kill boredom.

    After graduation followed a series of job hunt encounters, after which she ended up having her own beauty channel on YouTube. Kaushal Beauty’s makeup tutorials have lately become one of the most-watched beauty videos.

    She covers a diverse range of topics from how-to’s, Indian makeup looks, Wedding special makeup and contouring to highlighting, and more. Being a vlogger, blogger, and a member of the Loreal Beauty Squad, she can be considered as a popular Indian influencer.

    4. Zakir Khan

    The Sakht Launda, aka Zakir Khan, is another interesting personality to look up to. Being a famous stand-up comedian, he started his journey by winning “Comedy Central”, a comedy show.

    He is basically a college drop-out with a diploma in Sitar. Having seen a lot of difficult days in his life, he loves to spread happiness across the world. He mostly concentrates on involving messages to the youth via his comedy shows.

    Zakir Khan has also produced a few radio shows and has been a ghost-writer too. He has also co-hosted the show “On Air with AIB” in the year 2015, and “The 5th Annual Kela Awards”.

    5. Manoj Padaiyachi

    It is rightly said that the youth is the power of the generation, and Manoj Padaiyachi has proved it right. This young influencer from Ahmedabad is a Youth Champion Awardee and is all set to bring change and set an inspiring example for the upcoming youth.

    He has worked as an influencer with various famous brands like Hike, Truecaller, Cadbury, Fastrack, Viber, Maggi, Microsoft, ZoomIN and more. He has also been a mentor of change at Atal Innovation Mission, which is an initiative of the Government of India.

    At the age of 22, Manoj is the president of Wealth Foundation, striving hard for women empowerment.


    These are the top 5 young Influencers of India, that are representing India Internationally and making the country proud. There are several other Influencers to working their way to do something beneficial for their country.

    So, take inspiration from these young Influencers, and follow your dreams to reach your destiny, which is waiting for you with open arms. Get going with the pursuit of your dreams.

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