Office Fashion When Working In Media - Expectation Vs Reality

What you wear to the office depends very much on what industry you work in. Especially when working in media, you won’t always agree with your colleagues fashion choices…

1. Expectation: How you expect men to look in the office

2. Reality: How men in the office actually look

4. Expectation: Trousers you expect your colleagues to wear

5. Reality: Trousers your colleagues actually wear

7. Expectation: Shirts you expect your colleagues to wear

8. Reality: Shirts they actually wear

10. Expectation: Jackets you expect your colleagues to wear

11. Reality: Jackets your colleagues actually wear

13. Expectation: Shoes you expect men in the office to wear

14. Reality: Shoes almost everyone actually wears

16. Expectation: Jewellery you expect to see in the office

17. Reality: Jewellery you actually see

19. Expectation: How you expect women at work to have their hair

20. Reality: How they actually have their hair

22. Expectation: You expect the men to wear ties

23. Reality: You’re more likely to see those

25. Expectation: The kind of hat you think of when thinking ‘business’

26. Reality: The kind of hat you’re more likely to see

28. Expectation: What you think of when you hear ‘fake glasses’

29. Reality: What fake glasses actually look like

31. Expectation: The kind of watch you expect to be worn by business owners

32. Reality: The kind of watch you’re more likely to see

34. Expectation: How you think your colleagues look with their shirt off

35. Reality: How they actually look

37. Expectation: What you expect colleagues to carry

38. Reality: What they actually carry

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