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    • digitalgraffiti thinks "Storm" is Cute  about 4 years ago
    • digitalgraffiti thinks "Cirko" is Cute  about 4 years ago
    • digitalgraffiti

      The fake nerd girl meme does need to end, OR there needs to beacomparable fake nerd boy meme companion, because there are just as many fake boy nerds out there. I’ve actually found more girls that I’d consider legitimate nerds than guys. RecentlyIwas ataparty filled with men who describe themselves as nerds andIcouldn’t find one guy that wouldn’t end up as zombie fodder within the first day. “One of the things guys probably appreciated about nerd culture is that it wasa“guy” thing… Bringing girls in changes things. It introduces other dynamics.” I’m sorry.. what? WHAT?
      Ithink itsabit absurd to say that nerd culture ever wasaguy only thing. Ive beenageek girl foragood 20 years. the only reason you see nerd girls now whereas you didn’t in the past is because now its socially acceptable to say that you’reanerd girl. The only reason that adding girls changes things is because boys can’t bear to just treat women like men. Once they realize that awesome guy they have been talking to for the last6months actually has tits (not moobs), they get all self conscious and faux polite.Iplay video games, and purposefullyIdon’t participate in voice chats until I’ve known people foragood long while, becauseIwant people to know me asahuman being instead ofa’girl.’9times out of 10 they are shocked as shit to find out that I’ve got boobs. Thinking that we are any different from you makes you look incredibly ignorant. “opening up toabroader more mainstream audience sounds likeareally good thing, not to mention female attention.” Hate to break it to you, but we don’t go to comicon, play mmorpgs, read indie comics, or camp out for3days to get star wars tickets to get the attention of boys. We do these things to enjoy ourselves and/or to meet other people who also enjoy similar things. *** Side note: itsabit sad that some insecure men don’t want females interested in their culture. Think aheadafew years: which if these scenarios sounds like more fun?
      1) Getting married toagirl who likes shoes, shopping, makeup and talking to you about boy bands and celebrity gossip. getting dragged to chick flicks. your spider man posters being replaced with motivational kitten posters. bocing up your dvds and comic books to make way for, twilight, all 300 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, and the Heath Ledger memorial box set? Trying to haveadiscussion about the latest batman movie, but instead, talking about the kardashians, and you had better pretend you giveashit about it. Resenting the fact that you cant talk about things you like with the person you are supposed to love. Watching gossip girl as you cry yourself to sleep.
      2) Getting married toagirl who likes zombies and the Green Goblin and CoD. Getting to discuss raiding parties or debate between the classic GeorgeARomero zombies or newer, modern, CGI zombies at the dinner table. being dragged to the opening night of the latest super hero flick. Buying The walking dead graphic novels for her present Christmas. Marriage growing your comic and dvd collection. You get to leave all your figurines on the mantle piece and posters on the ceiling above your bed. Trying to shut us out will end up leaving you lonely, bored and resentful in the end.
      iapologize for any grammatical errors.. its late and I’m half asleep….

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