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    Posted on Nov 7, 2012

    30 Peculiar Pictures Of Photographers Taking Pictures

    Photographers will go to extraordinary lengths to get that perfect shot, braving all weather conditions and environments, from the hottest temperatures, to the coldest. The determined photographer will not be stopped by mountains, glaciers, or volcanoes and will contort him or herself into any odd position necessary to capture that elusive picture. Next time you take a photograph remember to free yourself from inhibitions; get on the floor, climb up a wall, dive straight in and take inspiration from the bold photographers below… / Via

    Attaching an umbrella to your tripod in an attempt to stay dry? It wasn’t everyone’s favourite idea… / Via

    We admit that the previous umbrella might have been a little big. This umbrella is sure not to blow your tripod over. / Via

    We suspect that these people had never seen flowers before. / Via

    Batty for photography? Don’t forget your hard hat. / Via

    This solution will keep your child under control, and you can get some great shots in the process. / Via

    Educated at the Jackie Chan school of photography. / Via

    When it comes to photography, sometimes it’s best to just dive straight in. / Via

    It’s always best to be flexible with your photography. / Via

    The flash was clearly heavier than he anticipated. / Via

    The results of his photography were always a bit wooden. / Via

    A dedicated photographer until the very end. / Via

    The scale of this shot wasn’t lost on this young photographer. / Via

    A good photographer leaves no stone unturned. / Via

    He stopped smiling about 2 seconds later. / Via

    A display of the latest image stabilisation technology. / Via

    It’s yoga and photography combined; yogography. You heard it here first. / Via

    This photographer hasn’t quite understood the meaning of ‘zooming in’. / Via

    What they lack in fashion sense they gain in camera kit. / Via

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Canon EF 1200mm f/5.6 lens. / Via

    The trick here is to get the shot and get away quickly before your camera melts. / Via

    Who wouldn’t want to grab a shot of the world’s first hover-car? / Via

    We only hope that the shot he took will sell for enough to cover the cost of the antique vase that he smashed to take it. / Via

    He risked his life for his shot and he’s forgotten to remove his lens cap. / Via

    Now is not a good time to realise you’ve forgotten to bring another film. / Via

    First rule of landscape photography; always check your surroundings for potential hazards first. / Via

    The bull from the previous photo would’ve loved this opportunity. / Via

    It’s a toss up about who is more patient here; the kingfisher, or the photographer. / Via

    Getting the right shot can be a leap of faith.

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