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11 Reasons Getting Delivery Every Night Is Ruining You

You must be stopped. Your oven is your friend. Let DIGIORNO pizza bring you back to the light.

1. You are physically unable to eat unless you hear your apartment buzzer first.


3. You know your delivery guy better than your significant other.

4. You have forgotten how to use your oven.

5. The expected delivery time is NEVER CORRECT.

6. And since when did you become the sort of person who makes a delivery guy bicycle through a blizzard?

7. Oftentimes, the food is unrecognizable as "food."

8. And you know delivery pizza is always room temperature.

9. Or, honestly...super disgusting.

10. And when you order for a big group, something is inevitably forgotten.

11. Seriously...ordering delivery is just sort of sad.

Break up with delivery and snuggle up to a DIGIORNO pizza.

Just the sight of the rising crust is enough to cure you of your delivery obsession completely. But, hey — keep in touch with the delivery guy. He deserves it.

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