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13 Date Ideas For Couples Who Never Want To Leave The House

Date home! There's no need to leave the house to enjoy yourselves. Have a romantic night in with DiGiorno Pizza's delicious, new Pizzeria Thin Crust Pizza.

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4. Have a wine tasting for two.

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Ask your local vintner to pick out a few of his favorite (reasonably priced) wines and cover the labels. Then head home and let the sipping begin!

6. Spend a full day in matching bathrobes.

Courtesy of Aubree Lennon

Put on some face masks, give each other massages, and pamper yourselves silly. It'll be like you're on a fancy-schmancy vacation!

7. Make up new rules to some old-school games.

Yes, YOLO most certainly is a word.

8. Get a cocktail book and attempt to make a few.

"Excuse me, barkeep?"

11. Actually, build more than just a fort.

No, don't just assemble some furniture. Actually build something from scratch with your own bare hands like the badass carpenters you are!

13. Get all gussied up in separate rooms.

Hannah Lawrence

Then meet in another room, dance, talk, compliment each other, have some wine, and enjoy the kind of fancy, laid-back night that dreamers write about.

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