Digby’s Guide To Social Media

Instagram Superstar Digby van Winkle is always being asked how to make it big. Now he’s agreed to finally show you how…

1. Make it all about you! Selfies are the perfect way to show the world that you are you, and you are awesome.

2. Don’t have an objective. Just let things flow naturally. If you do have an objective, make sure it involves silly hats.

3. Include those closest to you. Even if your little brother is a little bit “Special” and copies everything you do, remember that you love him and if everyone else loves him too, that’s okay.

4. Tell a story when you post. Don’t post for the sake of posting; make sure that what you do and say MEANS something. Even if all you’re saying is “Look at how absolutely fabulous I am.”

5. Accesorise! Enhance all of your best features. Glasses tell the world “I’m smart, and smart people are where it’s at. It’s okay if my intelligence makes you feel inferior.”

6. Keep the people happy! If what makes them happy is an instagram account filled with your beautiful mug, make it happen.

7. Remember the “Social” aspect of social media. Show the world how many friends you have - it’ll make them want you more.

8. Puppies! If you aren’t a puppy by nature, that’s okay. Just find one, because everyone loves puppies. Cats just won’t do.

9. Don’t be a gimmick. Actually, scratch that - be a gimmick, just own it. There’s no shame in embarassing yourself for the world’s amusement.

10. No matter what, take some “me time.” If me time for you involves sleeping on a bed of money? Do it, and make sure people know about it!

Happy networking everyone!

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