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14 Busted Birthday Cakes You Can Probably Do Without

Some birthday cakes are so beautiful they're almost impossible to turn down. These are not those cakes. When snacking temptation rears its ugly head, turn to the great taste and zero calories of Diet Dr Pepper.

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1. You didn't want to check and make sure before you BAKED A WHOLE CAKE ABOUT IT?!

Megan Schuirmann (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: meganschuirmann

It's either his birthday or it's not. There are ways to verify this.

2. "Look, sweetie! It's Sludgy the Bear!"

"He travelled all the way from Weird Goop Forest to wish you a happy birthday!"

4. "OMG! Kenz3iur&y? is gonna love this cake!"

6. "Wow! Mom doesn't look a day over 9 months!"

8. "You waited until the last minute, didn't you Luigi?"

11. "Look, sweetie! We made you a car tire covered with delicious icing!"

And you'll lave the great taste and zero calories of Diet Dr Pepper

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