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12 Things We Love But Literally Cannot Explain Why

There are some simple pleasures in life we love but can't begin to explain why. Like the delicious taste of Diet Coke. #GetATaste

1. Peeling the glue off a brand new gift card.

2. Using a pencil in its entirety from start to finish.

3. Jumping into a pile of warm clothes straight out of the dryer.

Via Flickr: rfduck

4. Crunching fallen leaves in autumn.

5. Gently cracking newly formed icy puddles.

6. Watching your feet sink into wet sand at the beach.

7. Those magical head-scratchy scalp massager things.

8. When things just fit perfectly into one another.

9. Slowly peeling the plastic sticker off new appliances.

10. Running your hands over someone's recently buzzed head.

11. Crunching bubble packing one by one.

12. Slapping on one of these bad boys.

Few things will brighten your day like popping open a can of Diet Coke. #GetATaste