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13 Reasons It’s Great To Be Taylor Swift’s Cat

The fabulous life of Olivia Benson. No, not the detective. Yes, the #dietcokekitten.

1. She always has the best seat in the house.

2. Taylor lets her help sign autographs for her fans.

3. She gets to go through Taylor’s journal and read her lyrics before anybody else does.

4. Olivia has the best bed in the world.

5. She gets to travel the world.

6. Taylor’s not the only one who gets to be all glammed up for photo shoots.

7. Taylor wears her heart on her sleeve for Olivia...

8. Taylor's other cat, Meredith, is always watching her back.

That's what big sisters are for!

9. She also helps Taylor get ready for big events when Olivia is busy.

Meredith always suggests the kitten heels.

10. When Olivia doesn't want to watch Titanic for the 100th time with Taylor, Meredith will take one for the team.

Olivia already knows how it ends. And she is NOT happy.

11. And since Meredith has been around for longer, she can teach Olivia the tricks and trades of the house.

Thirsty much, Meredith?

12. At the end of a long day, Taylor will make sure she's tucked in before bed.

13. And if she can’t fall asleep, Taylor will teach her new tricks.

Like taking selfies!

Check out Olivia (and Taylor) in their new Diet Coke commercial!

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There may be many #dietcokekittens, but there’s only one Olivia Benson!

Or maybe there are two…