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21 Things To Do For The Kid At Heart

You're only as old as you feel!

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Have you been ignoring your inner kid lately? Here are some ways to bring you back to your childhood...

3. Read YA (Young Adult) Novels


Remember those Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books you read as a kid? How about Goosebumps, Sweet Valley High or Babysitter's Club? Just because you're all grown-up doesn't mean you can't read your some of your childhood favorites. And no, I'm not talking about Harry Potter and Twilight - those are a given!

9. Hop on a Miniature Train

Griffith Park in LA has train rides at their Travel Town Museum, and your local park may have miniature train rides that operate on the weekends.

Pictured above is a solar powered choo choo that my boyfriend and I were lucky passengers on during Halloween time. How cute are those solar powered pumpkin figures!?!

13. Visit Disney World, Disneyland or Aulani

And after watching a Disney movie, you'll want to experience the real thing. There's no better theme park for childhood nostalgia than at the Disney parks and resorts. Aulani is the newest Disney resort located in Kapolei, HI on the island of Oahu (image shown).

14. Make a Day Trip to the Science Center


Sometimes as adults, we forget how cool science is! Anyone remember Bill Nye the Science Guy?!? The California Science Center in LA currently has the Endeavour Space Shuttle exhibit. All the more reason to go!

15. Hopscotch or Four Square


Remember all those playground games that had to do with squares?!? Foursquare wasn't always just a mobile check-in app! Also, playing hopscotch as an adult may require drawing bigger chalk squares!

18. Visit the Arcade or Chuck E Cheese


It might come as a surprise to many that arcades are still even around! Now if opting for Chuck E Cheese, be aware that kids are everywhere and an over-protective parent may give you the stink eye.

19. Paper Football / Via

I still do this with paper napkin holders whenever I go out to eat. It's especially fun when going to a fancy restaurant and accidentally hitting someone from the unsuspecting table next to you. Bonus points if you land one in a wine glass!

21. Make Hot Chocolate


After you're exhausted from mustering all that energy you really had more of as a kid, just sit down, relax and make yourself a nice mug of hot chocolate. Preferably with little tiny marshmallows!

Good work, you youngin'!

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