Unleash Your Inner “Queen” With Perfume Genius’ New Video

No family is safe, when Mike Hadreas sashays.

1. Mike Hadreas is Queer Pop’s current “L’enfant terrible.” His work as Perfume Genius has always been described as “wounded” or “fragile” but these days, he’s sounding and looking much more…fierce!

Luke Gilford

2. The first single off his third album “Too Bright” is the unapologetic “Queen.” Its recently unveiled video was directed by SSION’s Cody Critcheloe, with Hadreas representing a street hustler out on the town.

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

3. He gets picked up and embarks on a surreal journey to the unknown…

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

4. …involving a piggy…

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

5. …trashing an office full of feathers and bird paintings…

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

6. …catching up with a one-legged Elvis impersonator in the bathroom…

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

7. …catching his fly self in the mirror…

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

8. …giving it all at a conference room with execs dining shrimp…

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

9. …watching a long-legged blonde jumping off a building…

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

10. …and, encouraged by a troupe of cheerleaders, jumps off too, gazing in tears.

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

11. In the end, the girls cheer for joy as Free Bird is finally, well, free.

Cody Critcheloe / Via youtube.com

12. Actually, the song is not that surreal. It’s about gay panic. Read Mike Hadreas’ statement on it, as you watch the “Queen” video in full.

YouTube / Via youtube.com

“I’ve seen faces of blank terror when I walk by. Sometimes from seemingly strong, macho dudes – somehow my presence confuses and ultimately scares them. There is a strange power to it that I’ve only recently begun to understand and embrace. After many years trying to sort out exactly what they are scared of, most of the time converting the result into personal shame, there are now moments of monstrous pride”.

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