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David Guetta Spaces Out While DJing At Tomorrowland And It's Hilarious

Don't do drugs, kids.

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A fixture at Tomorrowland for a decade, David Guetta didn't hesitate at the thought of playing this year at Belgium. In an interview, Guetta declared what an honor it was to participate, all while looking confused.

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Notice he was caught riding a prop high wheel and surprised at reciving a flower as a gift from the interviewer. A foretale of things to come later.

This global superstar usually fires up when he's spinning some of the world's biggest club hits on his decks, but during his set at Tomorrowland, he sure looked

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Moving very little and giving long stares at the crowd. Not the Guetta we know.

As soon as the video went viral, the questions surged. Was he high, pooped out from a hectic club schedule, or was he just brainwashing the festivalgoers?


Nevermind. It serves for an awesome gif.

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