Tenderloin Socialite turned Pop Whore, Illustrator, designer, homo, a lot can be said about Diego Gómez, but usually not to his face, unless you've got a gun and you're not afraid to use it! After graduating from San Francisco's fabulous Art Ins...
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  • Heathers

    Heathers, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, WINONA RYDER, LISANNE FALK, KIM WALKER, SHANNEN DOHERTY, 1988, 2012

  • I Got 5 On It: Round 1

    2011, defacing legal tender, defacing public property, figure painting, graffiti, illegal activity, painting, portrait, storm, the white queen, watercolor, x-men, x-women, polaris, psylocke, dark phoenix, the dark phoenix, white queen, comics, comic books, comicbooks, dollar, dollars, 1 dollar bill, $1, 1 dollar, Uncanny X-men, president, George Washington, George Washingtina, green backs, cash, funds, weed, marijuana, marihuana, pot, luniz, dank, green, bud, Diego Dollars View Image ›

  • Refresh! Refresh!

    Cookin’ up breakfast in a teaspoon, facebook, heroine, fb, veins, addiction, addict, sex, drugs, rock n roll, cock, gay, faggot, ass, pussy, bitch, slam, pnp, gross, omg, hot, sex, penis, johnson, schlong, wang. View Image ›

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