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    Jimmy Fallon Has An Unlikely Doppelganger

    The host of the insanely popular, The Tonight Show is famous for his program, but in the South, he has a look-a-like with a completely different audience.

    TVLine / Via

    This is Jimmy Fallon.

    Everyone knows Jimmy Fallon. You know Jimmy Fallon. It's even right there in the name of his show, The Tonight Show Starring JIMMY FALLON.

    If you don't know the former Saturday Night Live castmember turned late-night king, I present my evidence of his talent, Exhibit A and B.

    At this point, if you still don't know who he is, you probably just live under a rock, watching old reruns of David Letterman and Jay Leno. Anyyyyyyyywho.

    There is a belief that everyone in the universe has a "doppelganger," or look-alike, somewhere out there. There have even been scientific studies into the probability of this theory, as well as an always growing list of celebrities who favor other celebrities.

    While I have yet to meet mine, I believe I have met Fallon's.

    Meet Pastor Chris Hodges

    Church of the Highlands / Via

    Hodges, 51, is the leader of a large non-denominational church in Alabama called Church of The Highlands. which has thirteen campuses all over the state. While not quite the audience of Fallon's network show, Hodges streams each service between his different campuses, with an attendance of more than 30,000 each week, which does not include those watching from home. Sure, he isn't BFF's with Justin Timberlake, but in Alabama, he's a minor celebrity.

    However, it seems that Fallon and Hodges share much more than celebrity status.

    Just look at that smirk, and those cheekbones! Sure, they'll never be mistaken for twins. Because of the glasses and also being ten year's Fallon's senior, Hodges could pass as Jimmy's older brother much easier than Fallon himself. So while maybe not his complete doppleganger, he could always be....... FUTURE JIMMY.

    EW / Via

    You know, if one day Jimmy decides to travel in time, settle down and get to preachin', that is.

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