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Men Painting Men

There is a recent movement of Women Painting Women which has actively prompted many shows and exhibitions and many articles have been written about the subject. Today I thought I would switch the genders and give some TLC to the men.

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Jeffrey Bess

Jeffrey Bess lives in the Midwest. HIs work sometimes is a clash between UFO's and Mark Rothko. His sense of humor is evident in most of his works. His Americana humor shows up on the titles of his pieces just to make sure you "get it".

The one above of a heavy set man mowing his lawn in shorts with the two green Rothko combinations behind him for example is titled THE BIG MOWER.

Being married to a Cuban (my sister) may have something to do with the way Jeff experiences the world through his art. He not only lives in the Midwest, he is often times in the middle of different views of family life.

A recent painting of his is an old gumball machine which has had the gum replaced by a gelatinous brain and the title is A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS.

Bess hardly ever paints the human form but when he does he gives us a view as if a flying object were passing by and one of the aliens took a snapshot for future investigations. The view is from above looking down at humanity or his subjects are floating as if they are high brow. For example this painting of dirt and grass appropriately titled REAL ESTATE.

In his series of vintage and nostalgic objects such as typewriters, pay phones, motors, farm equipment, and trailers many of which are floating in mid air. These works are no longer within our reach. This is a brilliant perspective as a painter because he places the viewer exactly where he wants them to be.

Jeff finds many of these objects in thrift stores then paints them hence in a way recycling as well and preserving them for prosperity.

Peter Lupkin

Peter Lupkin's series Pyrrhus explores the defeat of dreams. Here we have a fighter relaxing in a stool at the corner of the ring wearing green shorts. The use of green here is important because it stands for hope. At least that is what my mother always told me; "verde es esperanza".

According to Peter, "the fighter Pyrrhus series I have have been working on recently is about exploring the mental and physical damage that takes place in pursuit of dreams. I've always loved the concept of a "Pyrrhic Victory" and I think that a sport like boxing really epitomizes some of that mentality."

Sergio Gomez

Sergio Gomez was born in Mexico and is the director at the Zhou B Art Center. He also teaches art and runs a highly energetic art community.

His work is reflective of his upbringing with many colors running into each other as his views of immigration and other minority stance are working into the piece. He sometimes uses his family as the subject as well as himself in self portraits.

In the painting above a man is in fetal position. This position is evident of someone who needs to fit tightly within an enclosed area too small to stretch out. He is making sure the viewer is not comfortable and the use of two main colors with the paint dripping down the paper which is then placed on stretched canvas makes this work even more powerful.

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