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A New Museum Opens In The Midwest

Yes you read correctly, the Midwest. Wausau, Wisconsin is about to become one of our nation's landmarks for contemporary and figurative art with Alyssa Monks as the curator for the opening exhibition. Please note that this article contains figurative nude paintings.

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Grand Opening of the WMOCA

The building dates back to 1901 with decor from around the 1980s. It used to be a social club for men only and now the city is trying to redevelop the space. One local artist wants to turn it into a museum with event center and art shops. Nora G. Hertel/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin.

David Hummer the director of the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art is calling the awards the ANJE which stands for annual juried national exhibition. He is running the museum right now solo with help from a designer who is creating the catalogue for the exhibition pro bono. Here is a listing of some of the artwork and artists who were selected among 750 entries. The exhibition will have about 50 artists participating.

Alyssa Monks

The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art will celebrate the Grand Opening of the museum with a special reception on October 7, 2017. The reception will showcase the art selected for the 2017 National Juried Art Exhibition with Alyssa Monks announcing “Best of Show”. Here is a preview of some of the artwork which was selected for the exhibition.

Future Plans

Rebecca Leveille / Via

This is the first juried exhibition and the museum has already announced plans for next year's ANJE's. They also have solo shows coming up by David Shevlino, Samantha French, and Jacob Dhein. Other exhibitions include our own PoetsArtists exhibition being curated by Walt Morton and Didi Menendez (me) PAINTING THE FIGURE NOW. To find out more about how to submit to our exhibition next year, stop by here.

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