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The New Cards Against Humanity Card Pack

It's here and it's EVERYTHING!

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Our favorite company Cards Against Humanity released a new expansion pack on Monday and it's the best! The thirty cards all focus on one theme: science. With cards such as "supermassive black hole" and "uranus," the pack is sure to expand the amount of inappropriate phrases we are able to come up with on drunken Friday nights.

All the proceeds go toward the Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship which aims to cover four years of college tuition for one student who identifies as female. At $10 a pack and the popularity the game has gained over the past few years, there is sure to be a substantial amount of money going toward that one lucky woman.

Co-creator Josh Dillon hopes that by releasing this expansion pack, it will not only give the public a better understanding of science, but also change the way the public thinks when the word "scientist" comes up.

The process to apply is still working out some kinks, but it should be open before the next wave of college applications is due.

The executive director and CEO of the Association for Women in Science Janet Koster said that scholarships like these can help motivate women to pursue STEM education. However, she did take issue with the Cards Against Humanity board decision to use a panel of forty female scientists in order to select the recipient of the scholarship, rather than a combination of female and male scientists.

Koster said, "What we know from social science research is that diversity and diverse teams make more successful decisions."

Cards Against Humanity has released previous special packs, which have raised over $2 million for various charities.

If you're a woman who is passionate about science, you should totally keep your eyes peeled for the chance to win this scholarship. If you can't win the scholarship, you should buy the pack anyway and support those women who do want to pursue those dreams.

Have an out of this world experience with the new card pack!

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