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9 Things That Will Inevitably Happen On Your Birthday (Whether You Want Them To Or Not)

Birthdays: we all have them.

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1. You will get more Facebook notifications than the rest of the year

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Most of them will probably be from people you only talked to on your last birthday. But hey, at least they were thinking about you, right?

3. You will have to show your ID at least once

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Whether it's for an alcoholic beverage or the free mini cupcake at the local bakery, you will have to show the terrible picture you took for your license when you were seventeen and sunburned.

4. Someone will sing to you

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Maybe it'll be your grandparents who call every year or the employees at your favorite restaurant. It will still be kind of awkward because, what do you actually do when people sing to you?

5. You will eat WAY TOO MUCH!

camnjeanacess / Via

Today is the day when you could get away with murder (jk). But seriously, you will be allowed to eat all the cake, ice cream, and carbs you want! And if someone criticizes you for it, maybe you're hanging out with the wrong people.

7. You will probably have a little too much to drink

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If you're over 21, you'll probably have more than a few too many. You might end up leaning over the rim of the toilet throwing up all that cake and ice cream you inhaled earlier. Hopefully you won't have a hangover tomorrow, but no one will blame you if you do.

8. You will get a massive amount of phone calls

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By the end of the day, you'll feel like your ear might fall off. Of course all the phone calls from family make you feel special, but the influx might exhaust you to the point of refusing to hit the send button one more time. But don't worry, they're family. They'll forgive you as long as you call them back tomorrow.

9. At 11:59, you will mourn for the end of the day

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It will no longer be your birthday, but that doesn't change the fact that you are one year older and one year wiser. So celebrate every day because you should treat every day like your day!

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