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    23 Things You Might Not Know About Ukraine Fashion Week

    Fashion prevails in spite of war.

    1. It exists. And it’s quite beautiful!

    2. Here model Nadiia Shapoval wears Artem Klimchuk.

    3. For the most part, Ukraine Fashion Week looks like every other big fashion event, with a few differences.

    4. Relative to other fashion weeks, there are kind of a lot of non-North West kids in the front row.

    5. Relative to your high school graduation, there are kind of a lot of people bringing flowers, to present to the designers.

    6. Relative to previous Ukraine Fashion Weeks, there was an absolute scarcity of tiny fashion dogs in the venue, the Mystetskyi Arsenal.

    7. This season, designers are showing work despite the ongoing conflict with Russia in eastern Ukraine.

    8. The fall shows in mid-March took place only weeks after dozens of protesters were killed at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kiev’s central square, during demonstrations that led to the ouster of former President Viktor Yanukovych.

    9. Much like in New York after 9/11, national symbols and flags are everywhere in Kiev.

    10. Designer Helen Przhonskaya sewed small Ukrainian flags into her entire collection.

    11. Yuliya Polishchuk showed a gorgeous print based on the image of wheat.

    12. Lake designer Olesya Kononova says she looked up from one of her pieces and realized that by adding a yellow belt, she’d taken the color palette straight from the Ukrainian flag.

    13. Lake is a favorite of Ukraine’s fashion ambassadors—here’s Vogue Ukraine’s editor-in-chief, Maria Tsukanova, wearing a gray Lake coat at the spring fashion shows in Milan last month.

    14. Some political gestures were more explicit—like the Ukraine Inspired promotion.

    15. One thing we will probably not see at New York Fashion Week is an artwork like the one by Anna Poteshkina.

    16. Sure, some elements felt unique to the time and place.

    17. But mostly it was just a normal fashion week.

    18. Things got a little Sprockets-y.

    And now we dance!

    19. Self-promotion reigned.

    20. There were sulky, beautiful models at off-site presentations.

    21. And sulky, beautiful models on the runway.

    22. And plenty of interesting headpieces.

    23. Because maybe the opposite of war isn’t peace.