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    • dianef7

      The Beatles came out in 1960, yes…but they were not consideredaHeavy Metal band. Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, all came out in the 50s, but were considered “Rock ‘n Roll”. And the song Helter Skelter didn’t come out until 1968! So, it couldn’t have been the first heavy metal song. The Who came out in 1964 with the Kinks, and The Troggs. Between 1961-1963 were the Golden Earring, Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, and the Animals. The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, and the Grateful Dead all came out in 1965! Iron Butterfly, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Blue Cheer all came out in 1966. If anyone was considered the first heavy metal band it would have to be one of the above bands other than The Beatles.Aknown fact is, they didn’t use the term “Heavy Metal” until 1968. So one could say it could be Black Sabbath, or Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Grand Funk Railroad to nameafew in that era.Idefinitely would not go with the Beatles though.

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