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Why Diana Su Should Be Corus Entertainment's Next Corporate Strategy Intern

Dear Stephanie Miller, I thought that a company as creative and innovative as Corus Entertainment deserved an unconventional cover letter to do it justice. Corus has been delivering and creating content that has inspired me all throughout my life (probably more than is healthy) which is why I've recruited the help of some of my favourite Corus characters to tell you why I am the ideal candidate for the Corporate Strategy Intern position.

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In a hopefully not too desperate way to stand out

My background in human sciences coupled with Ivey's rigorous business training provides me with a solid academic foundation to understand content consumers and make strategic decisions.

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While school is great (8 am classes being my favourite part), I believe learning happens in and out of the classroom, leading me to pursue professional and extracurricular engagements that give me a chance to practice my problem solving in an impactful way! Here are a couple to showcase my suitability:

In my second year, as an event intern, I got to lead the planning and execution of Western University's largest formal event.

Big Brother / Via

The residents at Big Brother know how to throw a party, and so do I!. After analyzing the tasks to be completed, I distributed responsibilities to my eight-member committee and worked closely with them to respond to their evolving needs. I further used my interpersonal skills to make sales pitches and successfully negotiate with sponsors and providers. Ultimately, the collaborative and granular approach taken led to attracting 1,200 attendees and raising over $9,000 for our partner charity, a 36% increase from the previous year.

I'm no stranger to strategy: as a Community Consultant, I worked collaboratively in a team to determine how an innovative forum theatre company can increase its revenue by targeting new customer segments.

House of Lies / Via

Like Marty Kaan, by noticing trends through analyzing ambiguous data, we identified several opportunities for growth. I, specifically, conducted primary research and analyzed public budgets to identify a current unserved need in universities and designed a strategy to access this new market. This strategy is being implemented by the organization this coming spring.

My 2 month Marketing Internship in a Brazil-based NGO was a total step out of my comfort zone. This experience is an asset to any global company looking to develop their international strategy.

Care Bears / Via

Like the Care bears and Corus Entertainment, Corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community is a central goal of mine when making business decisions. My work team raised R$800 through planning and executing an intern networking event that went towards buying desks and school supplies for an NGO aimed to provide students in favelas with free education.

Your open and supportive culture fosters learning and growth through collaborating with bright and engaging peers and limitless project opportunities.

Max and Ruby / Via

Ruby and I both know that taking initiative to undertake new opportunities are the best way to grow.

Not to mention working in the entertainment industry on content that I am emotionally invested in would be a dream come true.

Hannah Montana / Via

Tacky, but true!

I believe that my experiences and skill-set would make me an ideal candidate for this position. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my suitability in this role.

The Powerpuff Girls / Via

Professor Utonium and I both know a great formula for success when we see one.

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