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  • A Few Of My Favorite Things..about Cruising

    With World’s Largest Cruise Event going on now, I started to think about what I love about cruising. It was a pretty easy list to come up with, in particular order, here are a few of my favorite things… 1. Boarding early and getting the party started 2. Leaving my cabin for breakfast and returning to a refreshed room 3. Never seeing my cabin steward cleaning my cabin… guilt free travel 4. Playing The Quest Game on Royal Caribbean…especially during Spring Break (those Co-ed’s really make it interesting) 5. Dancing on the Pool deck under the stars. 6. Learning the latest line dance… still working on my Wobble 7. Meeting friends before dinner…pre-dinner cocktails always make for interesting dinner conversations. 8. Finding the perfect spot on the private island…of course a Coco Loco with a floater is a must. 9. Discovering new things to do in a port you have been to at least dozen times…Nassau Fish Fry also a must. 10. Singing along at the piano bar to Sweet Caroline bah bah bah… What’s on your list? During October the World’s Largest Cruise Event is going on and there are some many sailing to choose from, it’s time to add to your list. Exclusive offers just for you from Cruise Planners My Dream Adventure. Check us out at www.mydreamadventure.com

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