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I Answered The 43 Questions Twitter Had Of Australia

... because I have too much spare time today.

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Two reasons, firstly shoes suck if you're in any way still damp, and secondly, it's training our feet on the soft easy ground of the supermarket so that we can begin to toughen up our feet like we toughen up our souls!


Thong is actually a term that simply means you have two pieces that become one, the most traditional example being the leather thong. So anything that makes that whale tail shape whether it be between your toes or your crack, is a thong.


Why do we drink so much? To try and forget that everything in nature is trying to kill us, obviously. Also because as a country we have normalised the mass consumption of alcohol to a near dangerous level, the cause of which is debatable.


This grammatical difference is because we're referring to hospital without the 'the' as it is about the care we're receiving and not the building. Going to the hospital is going to a building, going to hospital is because we've needed medical attention.


This is the extension of 'I'm glad I caught you' and when we say 'catch you later' it essentially means that while we may run into you again and be pleasant we're not going to put any effort into spending time with you in the future.


This is simply a part of our dialect, the inflection of our statements is that of a question because that's how we were trained. It is attributed to the idea of a passive voice when no one is certain of themselves, and if your understand Australia's history and our 'culture cringe' it not surprising


If you're referring to BBQ then it's just shorthand. Like ok for okay. The letter k or q replaces the series of letters that make the same sound. I did mention it's hot here, right? We're just trying to conserve energy!


Tradition! Because at some point it has been the only thing available! Because it's hilarious and fun! For the look of disgust on people's faces! Why would you not drink out of a shoe is the question?


See 12 for more on swearing, but cunt specifically isn't a bad word here in Australia. In fact, friends are often referred to as c*nts because we're big fans of lady parts and this it's just not much of an insult!


Unlike traditional grilled cheese which is an American item cooked on a grill, the cheese toasty is just an extension of the larger toasted sandwich concept here in Australia. You can also have ham and cheese toasty or tomato and cheese toasty etc. and they will not be 'grilled' but rather 'toasted' in a sandwich press.


You could see 11 for the answer to this because it is the same thing, raising the pitch of your voice at the end of a sentence is to indicate you're asking a question. In Australia, it more often used to indicate that I am done talking and it's your turn now. That's the other answer!


If you're referring to the brown paper bags that has to do with the illegality of having open liquor in a public place. If you're referring to goon bags that's for ease of transport, mass consumption and to prevent glass breaking issues.


Do you bounce or do you jump? Balls bounce, I am not inanimate and put effort into my movements thus I jump. As do all Australian children as we see them as real human beings and not inanimate objects!


It geographically convenient! Why do Americans go to Mexico? Bali is beautiful, cheap and conveniently right next door. We know we live in paradise but even we like a change of scene from time to time!


Because that is how the planet works. I'm sorry your education system failed you... the earth is on an axis that is tilted, as the earth rotates around the sun, sometimes the northern hemisphere is closer to the sun and sometimes the southern is closer to the sun. Closer means summer, further away is winter. The Equator is mainly warm because its always close, poles are cold because they're always far.


It's an excellent colour! Once associated with men for its vibrancy it is now associated with femininity for the softness of its tone (also because of Hitler and his issues with the colour). Check out this quote: “There has been a great diversity of opinion on the subject, but the generally accepted rule is pink for the boy and blue for the girl. The reason is that pink being a more decided and stronger color is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” - Ladies Home Journal, 1918. So it is a strong and soft colour that represents male and female strengths... why wouldn't we be obsessed. Also, are we? I didn't actually know that!


Old fella is a term given to an elder male that is in charge or has authority. Australians are honest enough to admit that guys are often controlled by their dicks, so they're an old fella, cause they're in charge!


Beetroot is delicious, good for cleansing the liver, which is good for you in many ways. But particularly good for a country of heavy drinkers. Also, it's pink and apparently we're obsessed with pink so...


We don't cook shrimp, we cook prawns and not on dolls, on the barbie which is an abbreviation for barbecue. That's like asking why people cook 'bacon on saliva' because they're having a pig on a spit... you're just purposefully misunderstanding or you're really dumb!

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