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Stroll Through Culturally Diverse Wan Chai City

Are you looking for a different list of things to see while visiting Wan Chai city? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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Wan Chai Heritage Trail

The Johnston Suites / Via

Nothing puts you bang in the centre of culture than strolling along Wan Chai Heritage Trail! The two hour trail is divided in to two sections featuring the architectural and cultural wonders of the city. Admire the structures of the Blue House and visit The Pak Tai Temple during your trail. If you’re staying at a Hong Kong boutique hotel, get a map and look for the fastest way to get to the trail.

Hong Kong Arts Centre

The Haywood Sisters / Via

This Centre has facilities to accommodate the arts and theatre fields, which caters to the creative side of the Wan Chai. The art exhibitions displayed here are a great way to learn about Wan Chai’s culture.

Pak Tai Temple

Tim Leung / Via

The Pak Tai Temple is the oldest and most significant temple in the city of Wan Chai. It was built to commemorate the Taoist deity, Pak Tai. The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is held at the premises of this temple each year.

Tai Yuen Street Market

Kowmaakfommt / Via

The Tai Yuen street market is a great place if you’re to buy a couple of things (especially toys) while on your culture tour of the city. Get to the heart of the city by visiting this local market. If you’re feeling hungry after the cultural tour, head to Cosmo Hotel, Wan Chai Hong Kong to enjoy some scrumptious local food.

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