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    23 Ways Miss Piggy Is The Reigning Queen Of Awesome

    Are you talking to MOI?!

    1. She's effortlessly glamorous.

    2. And she's not afraid to make some bold fashion choices.

    3. She loves her curves and really knows how to work them.

    4. Despite being called a "pig," she confidently shows off her enormous sex appeal.

    Miss Piggy has fought against porcine stereotypes her whole life and prefers to be referred to by the politically correct term, "Superstar."

    5. She's literally the boss of everything.

    She was the French Editor of Vogue in The Muppets, and the overlord of a whole fucking island in Muppet Treasure Island. She basically rules the world.

    6. And has been since the '70s, which makes her a pioneer of women's rights.

    She even hosted her own variety show in 1982. She's the original feminist icon.


    Image removed at the request of the copyright holder.

    8. She's also an incredibly strong woman who DOES NOT TAKE SHIT FROM ANYONE.

    9. She's loved one man forever...

    (Left) Miss Piggy and Kermit at the wedding he was forced into in the '80s. (Right) Miss Piggy and Kermit, happily filled with Stockholm Syndrome love today.

    10. ...BUT, when he gets "cold feet" she doesn't wait around.

    11. And she NEVER lets him get in the way of her dreams.

    Every time he's ditched her, she's responded by peaking in her career. Here she is doing a commercial for her new perfume, "Moi."

    12. It's pretty obvious who wears the pants in this relationship.

    13. Because she always knew she was meant for greatness.


    14. And she achieved superstardom despite her humble background.

    15. Her sassy wit is both funny and wise.

    16. And she's a great proponent of a healthy body image:

    17. She's a true champion of being unapologetic about your fabulousness.

    18. And gives great advice on how to deal with a breakup.

    19. She always makes a baller entrance.

    20. She keeps her cool even in times of great danger.

    21. She's full of unexpected talents.

    She can ride a hog (haha), sing, act, tap dance, play kazoo, model, do karate, drive a truck. Oh, yea, and RIP APART PRISON BARS WITH HER SATIN-GLOVED HANDS.

    22. She recently threw longtime rival Joan Rivers into a cake.

    At a QVC Red Carpet Style event in L.A. on Feb. 28, Miss Piggy made it clear that was only room for ONE diva in this town.

    23. She can easily pass as any female icon in history.

    Annie Hall, Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Venus — these are only some of the women lucky enough to have been replicated by this goddess.

    All hail Miss Piggy!