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16 Times "The Fox & The Hound" Was Disney's Deepest Movie Ever

Disney's 1981 classic explored human nature in a truly profound way. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

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3. When Amos, Copper's master, tells him he's supposed to hunt Tod.

Their whole relationship is a great allegory for war, and the way we're inculcated into being enemies. It's especially deep when you consider famous incidents like that time in WWI when the French and Germans got together to celebrate Christmas, and then went back to fighting each other the next day.

5. When Copper is hunting Tod and gets attacked by a bear and Tod defends him.


Reminding us that when push comes to shove, our basic instinct to want to help others overcomes our social conditioning.

7. When Copper and Tod DON'T become friends again at the end.

Because the world won't let them and because too much has happened and because LIFE DOESN'T ALWAYS HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS OK?

13. When Tod learns to thrive in his new life and shacks up with Vixey.

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Which teaches us that it's at the moments when we're at our lowest and loneliest that we become our most independent selves.

15. When the film ends with Tod and his new wife, looking over his old home.

Disney / Via benburley.tumblr.com

And you realize that even if you "can't go home again," you can revisit your childhood and loved ones whenever you want in your memories.

16. Pretty much every moment from the beginning to the end.

Disney / Via empireonline.com

Because the basic things we understood implicitly as kids (i.e. be kind and tolerant to people who are different from you) are the same basic things we forget as adults.

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