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The 25 Most Annoying Things That Bosses Do

"Yea, if you could just go ahead and be my minimum wage minion...that'd be great."

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1. Complain when you're literally three minutes late.

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You work nights and weekends without getting paid overtime, but yea, those three minutes in the morning make aaaaall the difference.

11. But then get angry when you don't doublecheck with them about every single tiny thing you do.

"I'm sorry I undermined your authority. Can I have your written permission to use the bathroom please, boss?"

20. Act like you can just teleport into the office.

The boss often lives two blocks away from the office, thereby forgetting that the office amoeba live in the far corners of the city and cannot apparate in like Dobby the house elf.

21. Abuse the meaning of the smile.

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Smiling used to indicate that someone likes you and thinks you're great. Now it can mean anything from "I have no human empathy for your despair" to "I can't wait to fire your ass."

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