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    Posted on Mar 27, 2014

    The 58 Best Summer Sensations

    From the softness of your feet after the sand to the smell of a freshly mowed lawn to the symphony of cicadas on a still night.

    kansasphoto / Via Flickr: 34022876@N06

    1) The softness of your feet after walking around on the sand.

    2) The steamy smell of the pavement after the rain.

    3) The relieving coolness of an air-conditioned movie theater on a hot day.

    4) The soothing sound of waves hitting the shore.

    5) The balmy breeze of a still night.

    6) Watching your footprints disappear in the wet sand as you walk along the tide.

    7) Getting caught in a warm thunderstorm.

    8) The fresh, salty smell of the ocean.

    9) The taste of seafood after a day at the beach.

    10) The feeling of the sun on your back.

    11) The feeling of the sun on your front.

    12) The feeling of the sun anywhere.

    Daniel Montemayor/ / Via Flickr: evil_cheese_scientist

    13) The way that, after a whole day in the sun, your skin feels toasty all evening.

    14) Taking off your bathing suit in the evening and seeing the milky lines between your newly darkened skin.

    15) The whirring sound and dusty smell of the A/C.

    16) The taste of sweet, ripe fruit.

    17) A sudden, refreshing breeze through an open window.

    18) The familiar childhood sound of the ice cream truck.

    19) The rushing sound of trees swaying in a summer storm.

    20) The satisfaction of rinsing dried sand off of your body.

    21) The humid smell of tropical heat.

    22) The leather and air-conditioning smell of your car.

    23) The race of eating ice-cream in a cone before it starts to drip and melt around your fingers.

    Patsy/ / Via Flickr: 36940459@N06

    24) The impish joy of running through the sprinklers in your lawn.

    25) Remembering what it's like to be a kid on summer vacation.

    26) Reading in the park under the shade of a large tree.

    27) Reading in the park while lying on your stomach on a picnic blanket.

    28) Reading in the park while lying on your back on a bench using your partner's thighs as a pillow.

    29) Feeling healthy and alive after playing any sport outside.

    30) The liberating feeling of walking around in flats, keds, or flip flops.

    31) The liberating feeling of wearing nothing but shorts or a loose, bra-less dress.

    32) The total freedom of running barefoot on soft, dewy grass.

    33) The relief of a cool beer at the end of a hot day.

    34) The fizzy sound of opening a bottle of soda.

    35) The choral symphony of cicadas at night.

    36) Drinking wine outdoors and immediately being blanketed by intoxication.

    37) The perfectly paired taste of a hot dog and a beer at a baseball game.

    38) The sweet smell of barbecue-glazed meat roasting on an open grill.

    39) The swampy smell of lakewater.

    40) The refreshing feeling of diving headfirst into a lake.

    41) The way your feet partially sink into the squishy bottom of the lake.

    42) The magical sensation of being dried by the rays of the sun.

    43) The smell of the campfire on a cool night in the woods.

    44) The sound of heavy rain intensifying and suddenly abating on the street.

    James Wheeler/ / Via Flickr: 24128704@N08

    45) The fragrant smell of sunscreen.

    46) The way your skin smells faintly of pretzels after applying tanning lotion.

    47) The thrill of riding roller coasters.

    48) The promise of a storm after that first crack of thunder.

    49) Sticking your head out of the windows as you're driving and feeling like you're flying.

    Miramax / Via

    50) The taste and texture of a melting rainbow ice.

    51) The smoky light of the night sky after a fireworks display.

    52) The delight of using your tongue to pick out the black seeds of a juicy red watermelon.

    53) The sound of windchimes dancing in a light breeze.

    54) The overpowering, unmistakable smell of freshly-cut grass.

    Michael/ / Via Flickr: 86939600@N00

    55) Looking for butterflies hiding behind flower petals.

    56) The electricity of a thunderstorm, and the way it makes all the curtains in the house come alive.

    57) The feeling of warmth that envelopes you as you walk out of a freezing cold building.

    58) Looking at the rhythmic golden glow of fireflies against the silhouetted darkness of night.

    Sam Cannon / Via

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