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    Posted on Mar 5, 2014

    The 21 Best Little Things In Life

    The best things in life really are free. According to this Quora post.

    1. Birds at sunrise.

    Flickr: teddyllovet CreativeCommons

    Alia Coldwell: Most days I am awoken by—or to—wildlife. The enthusiasm that birds show towards sunrise is amazing. My house is surrounded by trees which are filled with birds (many tuis). I often sleep with a window open. If I sleep in, the dog wakes me with a nose lick.

    2. Hiking on an unfamiliar trail.

    Flickr: 82955120@N05 CreativeCommons

    Rick Bruno: Long time friends. Baseball (at any level). Career satisfaction (not to be confused with salary). Good books. A long hike on a trail you've never been on. Teaching a child. Helping someone.

    3. Crunchy maple leaves.

    Flickr: forestwander-nature-pictures Creative Commons

    Erin Bourque: A warm bed on a chilly winter morning. A thought-provoking conversation. The crunch from stepping on a fallen maple leaf in autumn.

    4. Campfires.

    Flickr: 94693506@N00 CreativeCommons

    Kyle Pennell: The right song at the right moment. Campfires.

    5. Branches encased in frosty snow.

    Flickr: -keito

    Erin Bourque: Sharpened skates and fresh, hard ice. A grandparent's anecdotes.Freshly fallen snow and the fragility of tree branches encased in ice.

    6. Raw nature.

    Flickr: sleepingbearnps CreativeCommons

    Elizabeth Leclair: A smile from one or both of my grandchildren. The feeling you get when the wind catches your sails, and the motor gets turned off. The sheer awe of nature in its most raw forms.

    7. Random acts of kindness.

    Flickr: david-trattnig CreativeCommons

    Jennifer Dowdy: My son's laugh. My son's face when my husband comes home. A good cry. Random acts of kindness.

    8. Smiles from loved ones who are happy to see you.

    Flickr: photorisma CreativeCommons

    Carl Grant: The smile of a loved one you haven't seen for awhile. Starting a book and knowing it's going to be great. Waking after a good nights sleep to a beautiful day. My cat's welcome when I return from a trip. I could go on.

    9. Laughter.

    Flickr: allenjaelee CreativeCommons

    Neha Kariyaniya: Laughing so hard that your laugh becomes silent and you feel a six pack coming on.

    10. Being cozy inside when it's raining outside.

    Flickr: snugglepup

    Heidi M. Peterson: The first sip of coffee in the morning. Sitting in a cozy spot with hot tea and a book listening to the rain.

    11. A dog's greeting.

    Flickr: furbychan

    Heidi M. Petersen: Hiking in the countryside. Swimming in warm water. The love of a dog. The joy of animals. Happy people. Music. Being outdoors. Being.

    12. A cold beer on a hot day.

    Flickr: karlnorling CreativeCommons

    Deborah Shortt: Walking past a bush and seeing a budding rose. Driving along and an old song comes on the radio. A cold beer on a hot day. Watching a sunrise with your lover. The best is often found in the smallest things.

    13. Crisp clean sheets.

    Flickr: cygnoir

    Aimee Worlds: Crisp clean sheets and a warm blanket after a hot shower! Oils like Frankincense & Myrrh, Bergamont, Vetiver, Sandalwood.

    14. That first spring breeze.

    Flickr: ozrix

    Aimee Worlds: The smell of a newborn baby's breath. The feel of warm spring air dancing across your skin while lying in the sun. Haggen Daz ice cream: Butter Pecan.

    15. Fresh air and silence.


    Shruti Nayak: To be able to experience this. All that you need to do is sit quietly and let the clouds pass through you. The fresh air, the silence and the beauty of nature leaves you in awe! Travelling to good places - One of the best things in life.

    16. That summer rain smell.

    Flickr: caralimpa

    Akriti Sinha: The smell of the first rain after summer. Weekend starts tomorrow. The most awaited vacation's count down.

    17. A warm bed on a bleak winter morning.

    Flickr: wonderlane

    Akriti Sinha: A cool breeze on a hot day. A warm bed during winters. A glass of water after a prolonged thirst.

    18. A starry night.

    Flickr: 55038439@N02

    Usman Naeem: I enjoy a stroll (walking around my garden) and looking at the insects and ants. Looking at stars at night at times. A cloudy day always brings a smile on my face.

    19. Loving mothers.

    Flickr: ithinkchaos

    Pavithra Balachandran: My mom stepping out into the balcony every morning, in between all her hassles, just to wave bye to me.. even though she has already done so a 100 times just 5 minutes back :)

    20. Walks on the beach.

    Flickr: sheaak

    Chiranjeevi Alti: Wise advice, unexpected help, wishes, complimentary drink, a walk on the beach, candle light dinner, pets, unconditional love, free meals at work and the A2A's on quora.

    21. A misty lake at sunrise.

    Flickr: ozyman

    Kelly Garner: The memories of the morning sun burning the mist off the lake. My childhood, with my dog and raising baby chick's on the farm. The warmth of the autumn sun while walking in the forest.

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