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The 21 Best Little Things In Life

The best things in life really are free. According to this Quora post.

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1. Birds at sunrise.

Flickr: teddyllovet CreativeCommons

Alia Coldwell: Most days I am awoken by—or to—wildlife. The enthusiasm that birds show towards sunrise is amazing. My house is surrounded by trees which are filled with birds (many tuis). I often sleep with a window open. If I sleep in, the dog wakes me with a nose lick.

2. Hiking on an unfamiliar trail.

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Rick Bruno: Long time friends. Baseball (at any level). Career satisfaction (not to be confused with salary). Good books. A long hike on a trail you've never been on. Teaching a child. Helping someone.


6. Raw nature.

Elizabeth Leclair: A smile from one or both of my grandchildren. The feeling you get when the wind catches your sails, and the motor gets turned off. The sheer awe of nature in its most raw forms.


8. Smiles from loved ones who are happy to see you.

Flickr: photorisma CreativeCommons

Carl Grant: The smile of a loved one you haven't seen for awhile. Starting a book and knowing it's going to be great. Waking after a good nights sleep to a beautiful day. My cat's welcome when I return from a trip. I could go on.

12. A cold beer on a hot day.

Flickr: karlnorling CreativeCommons

Deborah Shortt: Walking past a bush and seeing a budding rose. Driving along and an old song comes on the radio. A cold beer on a hot day. Watching a sunrise with your lover. The best is often found in the smallest things.


15. Fresh air and silence.


Shruti Nayak: To be able to experience this. All that you need to do is sit quietly and let the clouds pass through you. The fresh air, the silence and the beauty of nature leaves you in awe! Travelling to good places - One of the best things in life.

21. A misty lake at sunrise.

Flickr: ozyman

Kelly Garner: The memories of the morning sun burning the mist off the lake. My childhood, with my dog and raising baby chick's on the farm. The warmth of the autumn sun while walking in the forest.


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