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    32 Photos That Prove Oxford Is An Awe-Inspiring Wonderland

    They don't call it the City of Dreaming Spires for nothing.

    1. Radcliffe Camera

    2. All Souls College

    3. View from Carfax Tower

    4. The Bridge of Sighs

    5. Oxford in the mist.

    6. Exeter College Gardens

    7. Christ Church College Gardens

    8. Magdalen College Grove

    9. Queens Lane

    10. Queens College Library

    11. All Souls College Library

    12. Bodleian Library passage at Christmas.

    13. Wadham College door

    14. Christ Church Meadow

    15. Christ Church College Dining Hall

    16. View from the Cherwell.

    17. Bicycle resting on Turl Street.

    18. Port Meadow at dawn.

    19. Oxford Botanic Garden

    20. Radcliffe Camera in the fog.

    21. Punting on the Cherwell.

    22. The Covered Market

    23. Brasenose Lane

    24. Lincoln College Quad

    25. Magdalen Bridge in the snow.

    26. Sheldonian Theater

    27. Balliol College

    28. Broad Street

    29. Trinity College gate

    30. Magdalen College Deer Park

    31. Catte Street in the fog.

    32. Oxford at dusk.