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    15 Quotes From "The Little Prince" That Will Make Your Life Better

    "You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." So tame responsibly.

    1. Do what makes you happy because your heart knows best.

    2. Never lose that childish ability to see what's really important in life.

    3. All you need is to truly love one thing to be filled with love for everything.

    4. The grass always seems greener elsewhere, so remember that's just an illusion and be happy where you are.

    5. You'll travel the most by going off the beaten path and taking twists and turns.

    6. Stay humble.

    7. Before you criticize others, reflect upon your own actions.

    8. Break out of endless self-destructive cycles.

    9. While you're building your career, don't forget to enjoy life.

    10. Don't just be a geographer; be an explorer.

    11. Take the time out to get to know people and then work to maintain those relationships.

    12. You're never really alone when you feel alone because everyone feels the same way.

    13. You are always obligated to the people who you have allowed to love you.

    14. Sometimes, a silent look or a hug is enough.

    15. There are so many wonderful things out there in your future. You can't see them yet, but they're there.