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27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

Because it's always 4 o'clock somewhere!

1. A magical Chinese tea ball that turns into a flower.

2. A teapot with several spouts.

3. Or this "Alice in Wonderland" version...

4. This teeny-tiny porcelain teacup necklace or ring.

Plenty of options here.

5. Or these metal teapot and cup rings.

6. A teapot and cup in one.

For when it's too much work to carry both at once.

7. A cozy that turns your teapot into an elephant or disoriented sheep.

8. A specialty engraved tea spoon.

This makes for a particularly sweet gift or even marriage proposal.

9. A kick-ass Russian samovar.

10. A British afternoon tea stand.

11. A Russian silver tea holder and table glass.

12. An intricately decorated Chinese teapot.

13. A tea infuser and time machine all in one.

14. Or this scuba diver who will strain your tea for you.

15. These teacup wine glasses.

16. A chandelier a la Beauty and the Beast.

Which you can either buy or DIY. Singing and dancing cutlery not included.

17. A mug with a cookie container.

18. A tea blend customized for your personality.

19. A DIY little box in which to carry your tea.

20. A super-cool genie-style teapot.

21. A mug that tells jokes.

Although tea alone is enough to put a smile on your face. Buy here.

22. Sugar Lace Doilies.

23. Origami Tea Bags.

24. A penguin that will perfectly steep your tea.

25. A coffin for your teabags.

26. A mug that proves magic is real.

When hot water is poured in, nothing remains of the Cheshire cat except his grin, and Doctor Who's time machine magically reappears in a far away galaxy (on the other side of the mug). Revel in wonder here.

27. And, of course, a full Royal Albert vintage tea set.

BRB, time for tea!