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27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

Because it's always 4 o'clock somewhere!

1. A magical Chinese tea ball that turns into a flower.

Flowering tea is a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers which blossoms in hot water before your very eyes like an enchanted flower. Buy a glass teapot or cup to witness the miracle.

2. A teapot with several spouts.

For when there are more guests than spouts.

3. Or this "Alice in Wonderland" version...

Fit for a Mad Hatter tea party, you can buy it here.

4. This teeny-tiny porcelain teacup necklace or ring.

Plenty of options here.

5. Or these metal teapot and cup rings.

Buy one for yourself and one for your SO or BFF to show you're the perfect pair!

6. A teapot and cup in one.

For when it's too much work to carry both at once.

7. A cozy that turns your teapot into an elephant or disoriented sheep.

8. A specialty engraved tea spoon.

This makes for a particularly sweet gift or even marriage proposal.

9. A kick-ass Russian samovar.

The "Samovar," which literally means "self-boiler," has been used for centuries in parts of Eastern Europe and is traditionally heated with coal or charcoal. You can buy a vintage one for as much as $30,000 or as little as $17.

10. A British afternoon tea stand.

The best three tiers in the world, the bottom saucer is for finger sandwiches, the middle one is for clotted cream, jam, and scones, and the top one is for chocolates and mini-pastries!

11. A Russian silver tea holder and table glass.

Flickr: zzmeika

This was the most common type of tea glass in Russia until the late 1970s, due to the fact that the faceted glass is more durable and the holder is beautifully decorated and insulates the tea. They're still popular today on Russian railways because they provide a safer method of tea-drinking in motion, and can be purchased as souvenirs.

12. An intricately decorated Chinese teapot.

Chinese teapots are often made of porcelain and are covered in detailed illustrations of scenic landscapes. Some even tell a whole story!

13. A tea infuser and time machine all in one.

You can buy it for the Doctor Who enthusiast.

14. Or this scuba diver who will strain your tea for you.

Buy it here.

15. These teacup wine glasses.

Frances Janisch / Via

For when you just can't decide between two great loves. These you can DIY.

16. A chandelier a la Beauty and the Beast.

Which you can either buy or DIY. Singing and dancing cutlery not included.

17. A mug with a cookie container.

Store your treats in this sad panda.

18. A tea blend customized for your personality.

Blends for Friends uses character descriptions to create your own personal blend of tea. This could be used as either a sweet present for someone you love or subtle revenge for someone you hate.

19. A DIY little box in which to carry your tea.

For those of you who need to carry your special blend with you, you can make this yourself.

20. A super-cool genie-style teapot.

In the Middle East, teapots have especially long spouts that become narrower at the end and are usually made of brass. Wish-granting genie not included.

21. A mug that tells jokes.

Although tea alone is enough to put a smile on your face. Buy here.

22. Sugar Lace Doilies.

You can throw the beautiful pattern into your tea and watch as it dissolves into a sweet, creamy flavor in about two minutes. Buy them here.

23. Origami Tea Bags.

Because all tea bags would be better if they looked like cranes. Buy here.

24. A penguin that will perfectly steep your tea.

Simply set the timer depending on how strong you want your tea to be, and this adorable little guy will dip the tea in and out for you until it's done. Buy it here.

25. A coffin for your teabags.

Jonas Trampedach / Via

Figuring out what to do with the teabag when you're done steeping after you have already cozily planted yourself on the couch is one of the tea lover's greatest problems. Now there's a solution.

26. A mug that proves magic is real.

When hot water is poured in, nothing remains of the Cheshire cat except his grin, and Doctor Who's time machine magically reappears in a far away galaxy (on the other side of the mug). Revel in wonder here.

27. And, of course, a full Royal Albert vintage tea set.

You'll have it one day, and then you can invite people over for tea and live out your dream of being the aging Dowager Countess of a sprawling English estate.

BRB, time for tea!