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    19 Frasier Comebacks To Use In Everyday Life

    "Anything else in the box, PANDORA?"

    1. When someone is being a wee bit self-centered.

    2. Or a little too high falooty.

    3. When someone asks how your job hunt is going.

    4. And then tells you you have no new messages.

    5. When someone is telling you about their issues at work.

    6. Or asks "How's your day going?"

    7. When your bro lets it slip to your girlfriend that you were at a club last night.

    8. When someone states the obvious.

    9. When you're asked this stupid question.

    10. When your "little get together" has gotten out of control.

    11. When someone implies you're tubby.

    12. When your boyfriend is being a little greedy.

    13. When you're joshing your older friend.

    14. When you're having relationship real-talk.

    15. When someone asks you how your date went.

    16. When virtually any man says anything ever.

    17. When Netflix gives you 17 seconds to decide if you want to watch the next episode.

    18. When your brother wonders why you never get along.

    19. When someone thinks they're hilarious...when they're not. .

    Zing! Give it up top!