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Cat Is Named Honorary Citizen Of Catsburg

Last weekend, Moscow hosted its annual "Catsburg" International Cat Show at the Moscow Exhibition Center. The show is referred to as "Russia's biggest cat city," and the winner is named "Honorary Citizen" and granted a special key.

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Every year, Moscow humans are given a very special treat.

They are invited to the kingdom of "Catsburg," where they are free to mingle with some of Russia's most refined felines.

But these cats aren't kitten around. They're here to be crowned "Honorary Citizen of Catsburg," a title that comes with its own DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED KEY.

Note: The key is not featured here.

Some take the pity approach to win.

"Please, choose me. Pick me. Love me."

"Holy shit, how did I get here?"

Some rely on their fluffy cuteness.

"Don't you just want to use me as pillow? Go on."

"It's like whatever, I'm not even worried."

Some have overenthusiastic trainers.

"We have discussed you picking me up."

Some try to bribe the audience.


"C'mon, I got you. You know I got you."

"I explicitly told you not to bring the pink feather boa. I need to get a new human."

"Your presence in my life is completely unnecessary."

"You fill me with the deepest loathing."

And, finally, there are the undercats.

"Whatever, I know I'm fabulous."

After careful deliberation by the judges, they announced the smaller prizes, including "Best Young Cat," "Best Adult Cat" and....BEST CASTRATED CAT.

All hail the new "Honorary Citizen of Catsburg"!

See some of the magic happen here.

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