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What's The Biggest Lie You've Ever Told?

And lying to your parents about your secret-high-school boyfriend doesn't count.

There's nothing wrong with telling a little white lie every now and then.

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Let's be real here: we're all guilty at some point in our lives of bending the truth.

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Ha. Ya, right.

Like that one time in high school when that party got really weird and you couldn't bring yourself to tell your parents what really went down?

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Or how about that time you sneaked the cutie from AP Chem into your house when no one was home?

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You rebellious thang, you.

But there are times when we take lying to a completely different level.

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And once you've fully committed to the lie, a snowball effect begins.

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And before you know it, your parents think you're permanently moving to another continent with some weird guy you met on Tinder.

So, we're dying to know: what's the biggest fib you've ever told? Share yours in the comments below!

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