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17 Things That Happen To People Who Constantly Misplace Stuff

*Looks on shoulder and sees sock that you've been looking for for an hour*

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1. You always have the underlying fear when you go to any public place that you'll put something important down somewhere and forget about it.

2. You panic just thinking about the times you've left things in places and could've easily had them stolen.

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Yet you still manage to do it.

3. And because of your carelessness, you've had something stolen at least once*.

*Several times. Let's keep it real here, guys.

4. You have the tendency to dwell on things that were stolen in the past, and think of ways it could've been avoided.

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Had I not left my house that day, I'd still have my iPod right now.

5. You frequently pat yourself to see if you have your phone on you.

Paramount Pictures / Via

SPOILER ALERT: you don't.

6. You're always the one to leave something at a friend's house.

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That cashmere cardigan you haven't seen in months? Yep, it's at your bestie's apartment.

7. You've spent hours looking for something that you put in a different place while you were cleaning.


And for some reason, you always think you'll remember where you put it.

8. You give absolutely no fucks about tearing your room apart to find a missing sock.

9. You try to retrace your steps when you can't find something, but you rarely get anywhere.

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OK so on Saturday, I went to Lisa's party and then I was talking to this guy about how much we miss college and how we both love The Breakfast Club, and then... shit.

10. You've searched for something for hours only to find out that it was chillin' on your dresser the entire time.

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11. You've sent out group texts asking people if they've seen something that you've supposedly lost.

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But then you find it shortly afterwards.

12. Just when you start to remember where you left something, you immediately forget.

Cross Creek Pictures

13. And when you do remember it's often days, or even weeks, later.

Columbia Pictures

14. You often leave your house forgetting to take the most important thing with you.

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Car keys are kind of essential to driving and all.

15. You get asked "Is this your phone?" entirely way too often.

NBC / Via

Damn, I left it in the conference room AGAIN???

16. Anyone can tell you were in a certain place by an item that you accidentally left there.


17. And honestly, leaving things behind is kind of your trademark.


So own that shit.

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