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    17 Reasons Why The Original Aunt Vivian Gave You Life

    There's really only one Aunt Viv.

    1. She was never scared to get all up in someone's grill if they messed with her family.

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    You know it's real once the earrings come off.

    2. Because she looked this fabulous while drinking a cup of tea.

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    The new "But that's none of my business" meme, perhaps?

    3. Because every time you watch this iconic scene, you can't help but scream out "YAAAASSSSSS!"

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    Look at her serving us with all that '90s tutting realness.

    4. She always gave just the right amount of attitude when she had to deal with the most basic of people.

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    Let's see you try and give face like this, Aunt Viv #2.

    5. She asked the important questions.

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    But like, really though.

    6. She's the only one who could ever punk Deebo from Friday with so much ease.

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    And she did it all while looking like straight up royalty.

    7. She knew when it was time to let loose and have fun.

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    She's just livin' life to the fullest.

    8. She was the life of the party.

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    Age ain't nothing but a number!

    9. She jumped rope.

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    Like, who does that? AUNT VIV, that's who.

    10. She didn't give a fuck about what others thought.

    11. Because when she made this face, you actually took her seriously.

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    12. She said what she needed to say when she needed to say it.

    13. She always had Will's back whenever Uncle Phil doubted him.

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    The true definition of a ride or die.

    14. When Uncle Phil got out of line, she wasted no time setting him straight.

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    She put the fear in him with little to no effort every single time.

    15. She never forgot where she came from.

    NBC / Via

    But she also knew where she was going.

    16. She was the reason why #sorrynotsorry is actually a thing now.

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    Aunt Viv keeping it real since 1990.

    17. And because of the shade Jazz threw in this scene to show how much we all missed her.

    NBC / Via

    Ya don't say!

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