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    41 Questions You Have When Watching "Gilmore Girls" For The First Time

    So do they eat burgers every day or...?

    1. What kind of name is Stars Hollow for a town anyway?

    2. Is this town the size of a snow globe?

    3. What is this "La la laaaaaaa" music that's always playing?

    4. How does Luke run that diner all by himself?

    5. OK how does Luke bring out their full meal only seconds after they order?

    6. Why is Luke the only person that serves them?

    7. Why don't we ever see Cesar the cook?

    8. Do Lorelai and Rory always order burgers?

    9. Seriously, how do they never gain weight from all the food they eat?

    10. Wait, is that Melissa McCarthy?

    11. How is Rory short for Lorelai?

    12. Don't they ever get tired of going to the same diner every day?

    13. Where's Lane's dad?

    14. What kind of name is Babette?

    15. How tall is Babette's husband?

    16. Is there really anything wrong with having a funeral for a cat? Asking for friend.

    17. How old are the actors who play the younger characters really?

    18. Wait, the woman who played Lane was 27???

    19. And the girl who played Paris was 23?!

    20. Has Alexis Bledel aged at all?

    21. Why Does Lorelai drink coffee at like, 10 o'clock at night?

    22. Why did Dean move to Stars Hollow?

    23. Where are Dean's parents?

    24. Does Kirk work for every company in town?

    25. Wait, is that the actress who plays Bonnie in HTGAWM?

    26. Why are Paris and her clique just like the girls from The Craft?

    27. Why is Paris so mean??? Rory didn't even do anything to her!

    28. How hasn't Rory snapped on Paris yet?

    29. Why does Emily Gilmore dress like she's the first lady?

    30. Just how loaded are Emily and Richard?

    31. Is Taylor the unofficial town mayor???

    32. Wait, is that Jon Hamm?!

    33. Why does Rory like Jess?

    34. Are people actually as rude as him IRL?

    35. What type of town is so unpopulated that you can just run through the streets without getting hit by a car?

    36. How do people creepily stand outside the diner looking at people through the window without being noticed?

    37. Is this the same set from Desperate Housewives?

    38. Why does Luke always have a hat on?

    39. Wait, he finally took it off. He has a receding hairline???

    40. How can people even shop at Doose's Market? It's the size of a closet.

    41. Wait, how many seasons are there????