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46 Questions You Ask When Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis

How much wine is too much wine?

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1. Is this the right job for me?

2. What career should I have?

3. Is it really so bad if my career isn't what I got my degree in?

4. Was college a waste?

5. How long is it gonna take me to pay off my student loans?

6. What if I'm not done till I'm like, 50???

7. Will my career allow me to do more than just pay the bills?

8. Is it normal to feel a lot younger than your age when you're in your early twenties?

9. Why doesn't money grow on trees? I really want it to do that.

10. How did people from my parents' generation already have families at my age??

11. If 30 is the new 20, then is 25 the new...15?

12. Should I be going out more?

13. Oh god. Will I meet my future spouse through Tinder??

14. Will I get married by the time I'm 28–30?

15. Will I ever have kids?

16. Do I even want kids?

17. If so, how many?

18. Will I know for sure if I want kids by the time I'm 25?

19. What if I have kids and I raise them wrong?

20. How does that even happen?

21. What if I have kids and one of them is a legit asshole?


22. How old is too old to like One Direction?

23. Is getting a tattoo too cliché at this point in my life?

24. But what if I, like, REALLY want one?

25. Is dying the tips of my hair blue a bad idea?

26. Is having a glass of wine a night too much or...?

27. Really. How much wine is too much wine?

28. Why am I single?

29. Why can't my body handle alcohol like it used to when I was in college?

30. Why is everyone getting married so young now???

31. What's the average age of people buying a house these days?

32. Uhhh, should I start saving for a house??

33. Should I be networking more?

34. Is networking really necessary in order to be successful?

35. How do you even network without being super awkward?

36. Should I have everything figured out right now?

37. If not, then when?

38. What if I never actually figure it all out???

39. What the fuck does "figure it all out" even mean?

40. Would meditation help me find out?

41. What about yoga?

42. Maybe even tai chi?

43. If this is my quarter-life crisis, then what will my mid-life crisis be like?

44. WTF! How am I already halfway to 50?

45. What's the meaning of life?

46. Where does the time go???