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15 Struggles Every Slow Reader Understands

I just need like, one more minute to read that sentence.

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1. Any book with this many words and this many pages gives you anxiety.

2. You have to reread almost each page just to make sure you understand each and every detail, and it's just too much.

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3. Having a stack of unread books at home that just keeps growing.

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You'll never, ever get to them all.

4. You can never finish reading subtitles in movies or TV shows before they go away.

5. Having to pause several times throughout a movie when there's text so that you can read it in its entirety.

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6. And then having your friends tell you to "Just hurry up," LIKE IT'S THAT EASY.

7. Having someone show you an article on a computer or phone and not being able to finish because they're scrolling too fast.

8. Anyone asking you, "Are you finished yet?" when they give you something to read.

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9. Needing complete silence when you read ANYTHING.

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And rarely getting it.

10. Always being the last to finish reading something when the teacher asked the class to read to themselves.

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11. Your loved ones make fun of you and just don't understand the struggle.

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12. Driving by billboards and not being able to read them fully before going past them.

13. Getting into a reading groove and then being interrupted.

Great, gotta go back to page one.

14. Refusing to read anything that's more than a couple paragraphs in one sitting.

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15. Chances are, you struggled to make it through this post.

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