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17 Miracles That Every Twentysomething Dreams Of

Because we all want free food and wifi.

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1. Not having any student loans to pay off.

Debt free is the way to be.

2. A normal Tinder match.

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Especially one that messages you with more than a "Hey," but that also doesn't have any strange fetishes.

3. Throwing a party and having several leftover bottles of wine that your friends brought.

Bravo / Via

Am I in heaven right now?

4. Going on a date that actually goes well and doesn't end in your losing all faith in love.

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Because how often does this happen, really?

5. Actually getting eight hours of sleep with no interruptions.

6. Successfully getting up the first time your alarm goes off.

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7. Coming home to your roommate offering you leftovers on a day you sooo didn't feel like cooking.

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8. Or being able to take home food from a work function that you didn't even know about.

TBS / Via

And getting enough so you don't have to cook for the whole week.

9. No minimum price when you order takeout.

10. Having the whole gym to yourself for your entire workout.

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You can get as sweaty as you want with no judgement and scream out in excruciating pain at the top of your lungs.

11. Having your neighbor's wifi be unprotected.

VH1 / Via

Free wifi is the BEST wifi.

12. Going to the bar and having someone say those magic words: "The next round's on me!"

13. Having a washer and dryer in your apartment.

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14. Going to Trader Joe's and seeing that cookie butter is on sale.

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15. Getting the first apartment that you fall in love with and having it actually be within your budget.

16. Someone giving you their HBO Go password without you asking for it.

17. Going out to eat with a group of friends and not being the one who has to figure out how to split the check.

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