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21 Faces Every Insomniac Will Immediately Recognize

Friend: "You look tired." You: -_-

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1. When you haven't slept for 24 hours:

Open Mike Productions / Via

2. When someone who doesn't understand the struggle gives you advice on how to sleep better:


3. When you wake up to sunlight seeping through your curtains:

Hartbeat Productions

4. When you go to bed:

Walt Disney Productions / Via

5. When you get up:

Twentieth Century Fox

6. When you try to take a nap:

7. When you wake up from a nap:

Warner Bros.

8. When you have to put your phone on silent before you go to bed and get a bad case of FOMO:

Comedy Central

9. When just the sound of your roommate walking wakes you up:

10. When you take a sleeping aid:

New Line Cinema / Via

11. When sleeping aids don't work:

The WB

12. When you wake up in the middle of the night for no reason:


13. When you realize that the televangelist program you're watching is a repeat:


14. When anyone mentions how well they slept the other night:


15. When you read a book to fall asleep and it doesn't work:

Geffen Company

16. When your mind is racing at night with the most random thoughts ever:

17. When you get two hours of sleep after a long night out:

Fox / Via

18. When you download a meditation app in hopes that it will help you fall asleep:


19. When you get a visual of how terribly you sleep through the Sleep Cycle app:

Paramount Television

20. When someone says you look sick:


21. When you wake up thinking it's still nighttime, but it's actually 6 a.m. and you have to get up soon:


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